On the crossroads

On the crossroads

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Robert Johnson Discography

As it was mentioned in a previous post, Robert Johnson recorded 29 songs in two recording sessions. The first took place in San Antonio, Texas and the second in Dallas in 1937.

These songs are:

Kind Hearted Woman Blues*
"32-20 Blues"
I Believe I ‘ll Dust my Room
Sweet Home Chicago
Rablin On my Mind*
When you Got a Good Friend*
Come on in my Kitchen*
Terraplane Blues
Phonogragh Blues*
32-20 Blues
They ‘re Red Hot
Dead Shrimp Blues
Crossroad Blues*
Walkin’ Blues
Last Fair Deal Gone Dwon
"Stop Breaking Down Blues"
Preaching Blues (Up Jumped the Devil)
If I Had Possesion Over Judgement Day
Stones in my Passway
I ‘m a steady Rollin’ Man
From Four Till Late
Hellhound on my Trail
Little Queen of Spades*
Malted Milk
Drunken Hearted Man*
Me and the Devil Blues*
Stop Breaking Down Blues*
Traveling Riverside Blues
Honeymoon Blues
Love in Vain*
Milkcows Calf Blues*

(note that the songs with an asterisk have alternate takes)

"King of the Delta Blues Singers"
Robert Johnson “came back” in the early sixties with the milestone record of 1961 titled “King of the Delta Blues Singers”. This LP didn't just revive the interest in Johnson but also brought him close to wider audiences. The record was released by Columbia Records and the producer was Frank Driggs. The LP was essentially a compilation album of sixteen of his songs. Its circulation revived Johnson and influenced many Rock musicians during that era. The second release of the album included a song which was previously unreleased; an alternate take of the “ Traveling Riverside Blues”.

Almost a decade late in 1971 another record was released, which was a “sequel” to the previous one and was titled “King of the Delta Blues Singers Vol. II”. In 2004 it was released for the second time.

"The Complete Recordings"
1990 was an important year for the Johnson's fans because for the first time an album released with all of his recordings. The title was and it was also released from Columbia Records. In 1991 the album won the Grammy Award for “Best historical record” and the next year it was inducted in the Blues Hall of Fame from the Blues Foundation.

Beside these LPs many other compilations have been released. Some of these are “Robert Johnson, Contracted to the Devil” which is a good introduction to his work and it includes 24 songs. “The High Price of Soul”, which circulated in 2006 from “Primo” and finally “The Original Blues Legend” which includes nearly all his recordings.

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